Bloodborne - First Impressions on Release Day

I died a lot last night. I spent one too brief evening with Bloodborne, thoroughly enjoyed the beating I took, and I can't wait for more tonight.

Fair warning: There are minor spoilers below, including a video of a boss fight. Scroll no further if you wish to know no more.

First things first, Bloodborne looks amazing, plays smoothly, and is fairly straighforward for a Souls game. It's easier to get into than DS2 in my opinion. The combat is more intuitive and the death penalty is less severe. Yes, you lose your blood echoes if you die (the in-game currency system), but that is all. In DS2 you lost your "humanity" in addition to your currency, which reduced your possible max health, each time you died, it was vicious.


Combat is fast paced and fun, you can kill a bunch of enemies quickly, and they seem to be more numerous than in the Souls games. This is a positive I think, but it has been a big adjustment for me. I played a tank like Knight in DS2 and spent a lot of time hiding behind my shield, that does not work in Bloodborne. I'm still getting used to this and dying a lot.

My first night, I explored a good bit of Yharnam and got used to the new control scheme (which is great by the way). I defeated one boss and tried a second boss a few times before I had to give it up for the evening (not by choice, I had a wife and kids to attend to).

Not a bad first night. The first boss was a lot of fun, huge, scary and cool looking and I defeated him on my second try. The first areas have a solid difficulty/learning curve in my opinion. You can see a video of my defeat of the boss below.

I had a couple framerate drop issues, but not too bad. The loading times suck, no way around it. I hope they patch in a fix to reduce loading times or at least to give us something to look at during loading screens, like story or item descriptions as in previous games.


Co-op didn't work for me last night, I'm not sure why, there were rumors of server issues so maybe that was it. We shall see.

Should you play the game? - Yes. It's awesome. If you have a PS4, I really don't know what else you would be playing right now that stacks up. Destiny was great, but it's getting old, The Last of Us Remastered is great , but again, old. Diablo 3, FarCry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, etc., etc., all great games, all played out.


Seriously, get Bloodborne. Try it, it's fun, I swear. You can curse me when you feel like rage quitting, but I'm willing to bet you'll still pick that controller right back up and try again.

I'm not a Souls purist, I try to get through things on my own, but if I get stuck, I use a guide or YouTube. People have already beaten the game, so if you need help you can find it. This is the Bloodborne equivalent of easy mode. See what strategies others are using and they will make your life much easier, if you need it.

I was super pumped to beat the Cleric Beast. I think I had played maybe 2-3 hours or so and beat him on my 2nd try. I felt like a champ. Then I got to the 2nd boss, died 5 times and gave up for the night. I no longer feel like a bad ass, but tonight, he is going down!

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